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Advanced Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is a prominent leader in the automotive aftermarket parts industry. They cater to a diverse clientele, including both professional installers and do-it-yourself customers. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a car enthusiast looking to work on your vehicle, Advance Auto Parts is your go-to destination for top-quality automotive parts and exceptional service.

180 E Main Street

(860) 832-4646

Ammar Books And Audio LLC

Discover a diverse range of books, clothing, and more both online and in-store.

96 Arch Street

(860) 224-2400

Beacon Pharmacy

Beacon prescriptions takes great pride in offering a wide range of services to meet your healthcare needs. From a friendly reception to personalized care for you and your family. Count on them for a personalized and comprehensive approach to your health and well-being.

233 Main Street

(860) 356-3270

Boost Mobile

Discover the Bigger Better Boost Mobile, now available on the nation's largest 5G networks. Boost Mobile presents a contract-free environment with no additional fees, providing unlimited talk and text, along with a mobile hotspot included in all our smartphone service plan. Visit our store today or give us a call.

86 West Main Street

(860) 801-6913

Botanica San Miguel

Experience the allure of Botanica San Miguel. Delve into our products, including herbs, religious articles, candles and more. Uncover the essence of San Miguel at our intriguing establishment, where tradition meets curiosity. Embrace the mystique of Botanica San Miguel!

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5 Arch Street

(860) 224-1387

C-Town Supermarket

CTown's enduring presence in local communities is a testament to its dedication to serving the diverse needs of its customers. By operating independently owned stores, CTown fosters a sense of community and local ownership, allowing each store to adapt to the preferences and demands of its specific neighborhood.

47 Main Street

(860) 223-3800

CVS Pharmacy

CVS helps millions of patients, members, and customers make healthier decisions in their daily lives. Not just your typical drug store, CVS provides customers with a full selection of products and high-quality healthcare solutions.

177 Columbus Boulevard

(860) 229-3757

Cadeaux D'Amore

A local gift shop to purchase today's latest fashion accessories and more.

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115 West Main Street

Caribbean West Indian Market

Visit the West Indian Caribbean Market at 75 Arch Street in New Britain, CT. Discover an array of authentic West Indian products and flavors, embracing the vibrant culture and cuisine of the Caribbean.

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75 Arch Street

(860) 224-2811

Cell City Wireless

At Cell City Wireless, they value your time and devices. They provide fast on-the-spot cell phone repairs, including screen replacement, broken glass, touchscreen issues, water damage, and more. Get your device fixed in minutes and explore their wide range of cases and accessories while you wait!

41 Arch Street

(860) 515-8022

Cricket Wireless

At Cricket they prioritize building relationships and that dedication influences all aspects of their operations. This involves actively connecting with employees, communities, and society as a whole to promote the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

79 West Main Street

(860) 223-5262

Dollar Forever

Dollar Forever has gained a loyal customer base that has been frequenting the store for many years. Its top-notch reputation is well-deserved, as the store offers a fantastic selection of products, including party supplies, kitchenwares, and household items, all at unbeatable prices.

214 E Main Street

(860) 225-8012

Dollar Tree

Discover the thrill of extreme value and endless possibilities at your local Dollar Tree. With its commitment to providing unbeatable prices, a diverse range of products, and a constantly evolving inventory, Dollar Tree is the go-to destination for smart shoppers seeking exceptional deals.

150 Columbus Boulevard

(860) 505-2171

Dorce Customs

Professional sneaker artists and experts specializing in custom orders and shoe restorations. Their passion lies in transforming ordinary footwear into extraordinary pieces of art. With a keen eye for detail and a creative touch, they elevate sneaker artistry and your footwear to new heights.

37 Arch Street

(860) 593-7009

Exclusive Looks by Robert

They offer a diverse selection of men's clothing, accessories, and sunglasses to cater to various styles. Whether you have a specific look in mind or need assistance creating one, they are here to bring your vision to life. They value every customer and show our appreciation by providing personalized service and respecting their unique preferences and business.

93 West Main Street

(718) 679-3589

H2O West Main Wireless

Join the H2O Wireless plan at your local H2O retailer. Discover a plan tailored to your wireless needs, whether you prefer unlimited data or a budget-friendly option. With H2O, you can enjoy seamless internet browsing and even international roaming. Experience the perfect plan for your wireless life with H2O!

76 West Main Street

(860) 538-9236

Hair City

At Hair City, customers can expect a variety of hair products tailored to their individual needs for styling, coloring, highlights, and extensions, and accessories.

212 Main Street

(860) 223-1444


Jimmy's Smoke Shop is a go-to destination for many customers, thanks to their exceptional products, excellent value, and reasonable prices. The shop has gained a well-deserved reputation for offering a wide range of quality smoking products without breaking the bank. Customers are highly satisfied with their experiences at Jimmy's and often recommend the shop to others.

64 West Main Street

(860) 224-2091

KeyFood Supermarket

Key Food Supermarket's mission is to enrich our communities by offering products, services, and resources that bring satisfaction, nourishment, and joy to their valued guests and those they care for. As dedicated members of the Key Food family, they pledge to ensure your grocery shopping experience is welcoming, enjoyable, and productive

60 E Main Street

(860) 505-0718

Leons Liquors

If you're in search of a liquor store that combines exceptional service with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, look no further than Leon's Liquor. Their family-owned business approach, coupled with their knowledgeable staff and carefully selected products, ensures a delightful experience for every customer.

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168 Columbus Boulevard

(860) 224-6882

Main Street Food Store

Local convenience on Main Street to grab quick items or last minute goods to get you through your day.

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236 Main Street

(860) 223-9266

Main Street Wine + Spirits

Embark on a delightful journey of taste and sophistication at Main Street Wine & Spirits. Immerse yourself in their vast selection, which includes an array of exquisite wines, craft beers, and premium spirits that cater to every occasion and preference. Their knowledgeable team is dedicated to offering personalized recommendations and expert guidance.

160 Main Street

(860) 505-0594

Metro by T-Mobile

Choose from the largest selection of prepaid phones when you switch "Switch to Metro and Save." Offering the lowest price in prepaid options and phone, walk-ins welcome to score that latest tech.

292 Main Street

(860) 225-0589

Pawn Nation Shop

At Pawn Nation, the process is simple and straightforward. Customers can bring in their valuable items, such as jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, or collectibles, and receive a fair appraisal from knowledgeable staff members. If they choose to proceed with a loan, Pawn Nation offers competitive interest rates and flexible terms, ensuring that customers can access the cash they need without unnecessary burdens.

23 Main Street

(860) 229-7156

Price Right Supermarket

At Price Rite, they prioritize providing their customers with the freshest produce and meats available in the market. Their products are carefully curated and often locally sourced to cater to diverse cooking tastes. Price Rite takes pride in offering brands that are recognized and trusted, ensuring that you receive quality products. Moreover, they strive to offer these items at the absolute lowest everyday prices, allowing you to save significantly compared to your regular grocery store. On average, customers can save up to 20-50% on their shopping expenses.

150 Columbus Boulevard

(860) 826-0588

Puff N Go Smokeshop

Puff N Go Smoke Shop offers a wide selection of smoking accessories and products. From tobacco to vape supplies, they have everything you need. Visit them today for a convenient and enjoyable smoke shop experience.

38 Main Street

(860) 505-7049

Rainbow Shops

Rainbow is a popular clothing store known for offering trendy and affordable fashion for women. They cater to a diverse range of customers, providing stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories that keep up with the latest trends. Rainbow stores are often a go-to destination for shoppers seeking fashionable outfits without breaking the bank.

220 E Main Street

(860) 438-6232


Welcome to Rendezvous � your go-to trendy clothing store in New Britain, CT! Discover a fantastic selection of stylish apparel at budget-friendly prices. Rendezvous warmly invites you to drop by and explore their fabulous collection. They hope to see you soon!

324 Main Street

(860) 826-0101


Are you thinking about upgrading your furniture, smartphones, appliances, computers, or electronics? Want the latest gadgets like laptops, televisions, or gaming consoles but concerned about the cost? Need new appliances for your home, like a dishwasher or stove? Don't stress over the expense of buying new items. Rent-A-Center offers flexible payment plans tailored to your needs.

134 E Main Street

(860) 225-7770

Roly Poly Bakery

Step into a another world to shop at this European marketplace and bakery. Pick up your favorite Polish and European brands and groceries in this one-stop shop that has it all.

587 Main Street

(860) 229-5109

Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is your go-to destination for high-quality, yet affordable products that bring the salon experience right to your home. With a wide selection, their stores are the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your hair care and color needs, including products for nail care, makeup, and professional-grade styling tools such as curling wands, flat irons, and clippers.

206 E Main Street

(860) 826-5552

Sappho Clothing

Sappho is more than just a brand; it's a mission to promote LGBTQIA awareness, equality, unity, and support. Their team is dedicated to empowering individuals through our products, inspiring you to embrace love and stand up for what you believe in. When you wear Sappho, they want you to feel empowered and confident, ready to conquer all challenges with the power of love. Love knows no boundaries, and they believe that by spreading love, we can make a positive impact on the world.

39 Arch Street

(860) 794-7869


T-Mobile is your go-to destination for all your mobile communication needs. As one of the leading wireless carriers, they offer a wide range of smartphones, plans, and accessories to keep you connected and entertained. Their friendly staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect device and plan that suits your lifestyle.

165 E Main Street

(860) 256-8118

Tom Baxer Music

Thomas Baxter Music stands out as a reputable business with a remarkable inventory of rare, high-quality equipment that is sure to captivate any music enthusiast. They take pride in curating a unique collection of instruments and gear that exudes an undeniable coolness factor. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Thomas Baxter Music offers great service, ensuring that each customer receives personalized attention and assistance. Their reasonable prices make it accessible for musicians of all levels to find the perfect instrument or equipment to suit their needs.

16 Washington Street

(860) 827-1313

Town Fair Tire

Town Fair Tire established its New Britain store in 1983 and has served the community with top-notch customer service ever since. They take pride in their long-standing commitment in providing excellent service for your tire needs.

218 E Main Street

(860) 229-8811

Unknown Clothing

Unknown Clothing is a trendy and fashion-forward clothing store. With a passion for style and an eye for the latest fashion trends, Unknown Clothing offers a curated selection of apparel that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of the local community.

18 Main Street

(860) 357-2345


Welcome to Willy's Grocery Shop and Convenience Store! We are your one-stop destination for all your daily essentials and quick shopping needs. With a wide selection of groceries, snacks, beverages, and more, they strive to make your shopping experience convenient and enjoyable. Visit them for friendly service and great deals!

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69 West Main Street

(860) 832-8180

Yankee Peddler & Pawn Shop

A friendly neighborhood destination for all things pawn related and more. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or trade, they've got you covered. Their knowledgeable staff is here to assist you, and they take pride in offering a wide range of items, from electronics and jewelry to musical instruments and more.

512 Main Street

(860) 826-7296

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